Sunday, August 3, 2008

A story of a little boy named Perry

Perry's last photo taken on 1/25/08. His dinning seat, treadmill, and walk-in closet.

We would like to share one of Perry's last photos that was taken back in January of this year. There isn't a day we don't think of Perry. We always wonder what he is doing in heaven. His dinning seat remains empty since the day he earned his wings. Perry's photo still left on his dinning chair to ease our pain without him, and reminded the good old times that we had meals with him together for the past 14 years. His treadmill has since been unplugged. His clothes hanging in his walk-in closet became the only comfort for our family to smell and feel his presences. Everyday we talk about him as if he is still here with us.

The story began with love at first sight. Perry was only 10 weeks old when we brought him home. It was difficult for puppy Perry received one on one potty training as other puppies and mature Shih Tzus required love and care also. Therefore, little Perry arrived to his new home to start his puppy schooling.

The little guy potty training lessons turned out to be our first step to build the strongest bond with him. Our family took turns and patiently taught potty training to 10 weeks old Perry. He learned potty trained very quick with positive reinforcement, rewards, and constant encouragement. Each time when he poop or peep in his restroom upstairs, he earned a quarter. Dogs do not know the value of money. However, dogs like listening to different sounds, and investigating different scents with their noses. Perry liked listening to the sound when the quarter dropped into the container. Soon, Perry was teething and required chewing toy. We were very lucky able to save his loosen puppy teeth. Without noticing, our family became inseparable from this black & white little guy.

Our family knew it was very important to raise the little guy with love and proper care. There were 2:1 (human:puppy) ratio in the house. So, Perry would feel secure with his new living environment, and got all the attention he needed and wanted. This little guy became so adorable and loved by family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

Perry, like most of the cats & dogs, had his silly moment. Even at age14, Perry still loved being praised that he had beautiful teeth and fine silky luscious coat. He disagreed that he was a noisy sleeper. He was able to smell food cooking in the kitchen downstairs, and ran down to get up to his dinning seat himself. He always sat properly to wait for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If it took too long cooking in the kitchen, he would get up and down to check out why it took so long for the meal. He did not like to get up early and ate breakfast on Monday due to exhaust from playing and going out over the weekend.

We were often being asked why Perry's hair being maintained at dog show length. He was the only kid at home. There is no other furry or human kid. So, it wasn't a big deal to maintain the long coat. Besides, a champion is not born with, but how these puppies are being nurtured, raised, and kept over the years. Routine physical and dental exams, nutritious food, and loved them with all your passion do the magic. The loved and cared that Perry received allowing his true color and beauty showed himself.

Perry brought love and togetherness to our boring life. His smiles and positive engery are the best medicine to his family. The loneliness and despair are inevitable without him.