Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a nice day....

I wore my favorite PJ and had a nice walk outdoor with my family this afternoon. It was sunny and little windy. I had so much fun today.

I do not go outside very often. Texas summer is too hot for me to have outdoor activity, especially I have long hair. Therefore, I wait until the weather is comfortable to have outdoor activity.

I have arthritis. I wear PJ when the weather is cold as it helps reduce the discomfort of arthritis pain. A good body massage is another best way to treat arthritis.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Are you ready for the winter?

My family is busy on shopping winter clothes for me. Normally, they shop and purchase good winter products for me when new apparel arrives. If they don't, it will be too late for me to get good quality clothes for the winter. My size is normally gone during the season. I have short legs; therefore, they have to put in consideration of getting short sleeves or sleeveless coats.

My aunt, Jacqueline, sent me a winter coat and 2 PJ from Japan last year. Mommy hand knit and crocheted sweater is always the best for winter protection. She bought the best yarns and made a roaster pattern sweater for me last year.

My arthritis is getting bad lately because of this cold weather. I will tell you next time how I deal with my arthritis.

Good Night. Woof... Woof...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moody Weekend

I have been moody since Friday morning as I didn't get my way. See my face.

The best way to make parents give what you have asked for is by pulling your face. Everytime works like magic if you pull face on them. tee... hee....

You want a treat. Look at them with a sad watery eyes.
You want attention. Get a toy and drop in front of them.
You want love. Just sit right next to them. Normally, they will pay attention to you right away.
If family ignore you, jump on them and lick their face repeatedly. Now, you get all your love and attention.

Good Night. Woof.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Stroller

Finally, I get a doggy stroller that is stylish and safe for pooches. My old stroller was designed for baby, not pooches. My family got the old stroller from Toy R Us when I was a puppy. Several years ago, doggy strollers were invented.

I had waited for almost 3 months and finally the stroller arrived. My buggy has 2 opening in the front and another 2 at the back for my privacy. If I wanted to hide myself licking paws and scratching ears, I can wait until my family covers them. Once it is covered, it given me the best opportunity to lick all four paws until soaking wet. The best thing is they cannot stop me. tee...hee...

Good Night. Woof... Woof...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dog Poop - Clean Up????

Why some pet owners do not clean up their dog poop?

It is easy to spot owners without dog poop bag or poop pick up equipment in their hands.

It is important to dispose dog waste promptly and properly. If all dogs parents take responsibility on picking up the poop, it greatly reduce the chance of us get parasites and bacteria infections.

Be sure to remind your parents to pick up your poop, and carry hand sanitizer wipes with them. Poop is not only hazardous to us, but to human also.

Til Next Time... Good Night.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Perineal Hernia

The above photos were taken back in Dec 20, 2004 when I had perineal hernia surgery.

Dr. Young is my local primary vet. It was very thoughtful of Dr. Young took time off, drove to College Station, met me & my family there, and went into surgery with me. Dr. Hobson was Dr. Young's mentor during his college years studied veterinarian medicine at Texas A & M back in 60's. The center picture was taken right after the surgery performed by Dr. Hobson. Dr. Terry was my direct caregiver before, during, and after the surgery.

Perineal Hernia is commonly happened to K9 and feline that are not being neutered. However, it did not apply to my case as I was neutered already. The reason it had happened to me because of chronic IBD. The condition had eventually weakened the anal muscle, and made me had hard time to go poop. My case was not serious as my family had noticed and taken care of it right away. All I did was muscle flap. No other surgical procedure was needed.

According to Dr. Hobson, majority of the cases were serious. Most of the K9 and feline had surgery not only repaired the hernia, but also removed the stretched muscle, neutered, and taken care of intestinal infection because of poop blockage for long period of time.

time to say good night. woof... woof...

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Secret of Winning Costume Contest

Do you know what is the secret of winning a costume contest? Handmade costume with a theme in mind that caught audience attention.

As you know, we have lots of competitors on K9 costume contest. In order to win, be sure the costume is mommy handmade instead of purchase from somewhere. Like mind, my mommy bought 3 pieces of fabrics, craft supplies, and few basic hardwares to create a nice costume from scratch. A sewing machine, glue, and basic supplies make a big difference to win the judges points.

My mommy went to the fabric stores to get 2 asian style fabrics with dragons printed on it, and a simple pattern fabric for my pants. Then, she went to the craft store to get origami paper to make my hat. Her last stopped was to the hardware store to get basic supplies to make my swords.

She had an idea to create a doggie version of the Last "Woof" Samurai. Most people knew and had seen the movie. When I showed my costume, the audience and judges could put and imagine my costume to the movie.

Once put on the costume, all we needed to do are smile and enjoy the contests.

Woof... Woof... Good Night

Sunday, October 7, 2007

K9 Cancer Foundation

Most of our parents support animal organizations, like SPCA, HSUS, or PETA.

Do you know there is a National Canine Cancer Foundation you parents should consider to support also?
Here is the link to the site

Some pooches, like me, hit hard by cancer. K9 cancer research is very important to help us have better quality of life, longer survival time, and find cure for us.

The organization's website has good resource like inspirational stories, support group, fact of cancer, current ongoing protocols, and updated treatment news.

Till next time...Perry.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Angels

Who are they? Dr. Barton is my oncologist, and Diane is my oncology nurse. Dr. Barton always taking good care of me, just like Dr. Willard. Diane always take care of me herself while doing cardiology labs, diagnostic imaging scans, and chemistry panel. She will get me from my family when it is my turn for the tests. Then, return me to them when each test is done.

I go back to Texas A & M College Station quarterly to follow up the status of my disease progression since 2005. I have NSF highly malignant Salivary Gland Adenocarcinoma metastatic to the lung according to the CTs. I still have no cure what is it?

I enjoy the long ride to College Station. I always stop by Starbuck and Petco as a treat to myself after a long day at the Small Animal Hospital.

Good Night. Woof...Woof...

Friday, October 5, 2007

My Fairy GodDaddy

This is Dr. Willard, aka: Fairy God Daddy. He is the one who has cured my battle of IBD. I had IBD for several years. My mom started doing patient calendar of my daily bowel movement for an extended period of time. After Dr. Young reviewed my BM calendar, he referred my case to a reputable GI specialist at Texas A & M College Station. That is how I met my life "ANGEL".
I enjoy the homemade diet (with treatment plan) designed by Professor Willard. He received four paws up on the design of my gourmet diet & tasty homemade treats. I used to be spoon fed since I was a puppy. After met my fairy God Daddy (when I was seven), I have started eating my delicious homemade meal on my own with motivation and enjoyment every day.
In my case, prescription & homemade plain diets were not able to stop the diarrhea that ran in cycles. The diarrhea might had looked under controlled. However, because of the patient calendar, the vet was able to notice there was a pattern and the treatment was not working. The bloody mucus diarrhea first started around every half year. Then it shorten to quarterly. Eventually, the pattern changed it again from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. Finally, the nightmare happened every single day. For those who are suffering IBD, I pray for you as we are in the same boat.
Next time... I will introduce you my oncologist and one of my favorite nurse, Dr. Barton & Diane.
Good Night. Woof...Woof...