Friday, October 2, 2009

Mani a doggie angel

Mani had joined Perry in heaven on Friday October 2, 2009. We met this sweat loving big kido at Perry birthday pawty. He LOVED to have fun, and was very gentle to pawty animals. Knowing him left his family behind was painful as his dearest mom, Cheri, LOVED him with her whole heart.
His cancer condition and progression reminded us what our family had gone through. It hurt so much when we're helplessly witnessed our dearest friend Cheri and her beloved son Mani went through the same ordeal each day until the end of his journey on earth.
On the positive side, we are grateful that we know there are friends to share and understand the pain of losing a beloved furry kid, like Mango's mommy. We're looking forward to meet more pet owners to share the joy of having senior pooches, the painful journey of going through illness of sick furry kids, and the joy of talking the wonderful times we had with our pets when they were alive together.
Author-Holly W. Gray
I sit and try to write the words, I want your heart to hear.
Hoping to find some comfort, in the fact that your not here.
I look out into the open field, that you once occupied,
Knowing now that field is empty, because my love, you've died.
I do believe with all my heart, that your soul has gone to be,
With all the other angel dogs, that you were meant to see.
We will have to stay behind, until God calls us too,
So do not be afraid, that he's only called for you.
The water is still, in the pond that you played,
And your bed is so empty, where your pretty head laid.
Our bed is to empty, where you once laid between,
the two people who LOVED you and now only dream,
That one day our eyes will shut one last time,
and you will come greet us, angel of mine.
Until then, I'll keep trying to see through my tears,
with memories you left us, to reflect through the years.
We'll never forget one minute we spent,
of loving and laughing, of places we went.
And I dread the day that your scent disappears,
for it's "proof" to me, Mani, that you were just here!
But one day will come, when we'll start to see through,
the pain of the moment, and remember just "you".
Now you go and play, and look down when you can,
remembering we love you, and this isn't the end.