Saturday, March 29, 2008

Perry's Cremation


12/13/1993 - 3/28/2008

14 years old

3/27/08 midnight til 3/28/08 morning
Perry's condition took another dramatic turn. His front legs were no longer able to mobilize either. His body rejected fluids intake. He puked violently each time after drank water. Therefore, our family decided to stop giving him water. This is a fact that we had to accept there was no quality of life on this little boy.
Our family were in so much fear, tremble, and nervously anticipating Dr. Young's arrival. We talked to Perry that Dr. Young gonna come to our home to help him feel better. We told him that after seen by Dr. Young, he would feel strong again and be able to run around like before with no pain anymore.
Dr. Young and his assistance Kelly arrived at 6:16 p.m.. They saw Perry's weak body lying on the couch. The procedure started at 6:25 p.m.. Dr. Young had no difficulty to find the vein on his arm. Perry eyes were closed and was very quite. He did not make any sound during the catheter insertion and injection of the first three SQ anesthetic medications. Dr. Young looked into our eyes and informed us before he administrated the last deadly injection. Once the last injection started, Perry screamed repeatedly. We know that lethal injection is not painless. Our nerve system can feel the suffocation from the toxin. It is not different from strangle a life after locked out the person. It was painful like a sharp knife stabbed to our heart when Perry screamed. We kept telling him we were here with him. He was gone after screamed 4 times and had his last 2 breathes after that. Perry departed at 6:28 p.m.. Dr. Young check his heart and confirmed the death at 6:31p.m., and they left at 6:32 p.m.. We held his lifeless body and couldn't stop crying.
Perry was given a bath by his family at 6:40 p.m. ready for the next day cremation. He wore a new PJ, and had his last show dog top knot hair done. He wore a new hair barrette that specially made by Tess for the cremation. He slept in the bedroom for the very last time.
3/29/08 Day of Sorrow and Cremation
We all woke up early to prepare his casket for cremation. He was being carried downstairs from the bedroom to living area so he could sleep on his favorite big pillow. We put 2 family pictures inside his casket. One is underneath the bone shape pillow, and another was placed in the tiny pocket on his PJ. We then arranged the roses around on the edge of the casket.
Perry's body was rested in the casket. He was covered with a blanket with a rose held between his front paws. Our family then said our last goodbye and prayer at around 7:00 a.m.. We left the house before 7:10 a.m., and arrived at the funeral home right on time. The funeral director was very nice. We were allowed to assist in putting his casket to the cremation oven. Our family witnessed the cremation process and when the ashes were removed from the oven to a container.
Our family carried Perry's ashes and left the funeral home before 9:30 a.m.. We are now waiting for the urn and the keepsake jewelry's arrival.
Thank you everyone emails, calls, visits, mental support, and condolences during this difficult time.
Warmest Regards from the deepest of our heart.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Perry's Arrangment

Perry is scheduled to be put to sleep at home this Friday. Dr. Young is so kindly and willingly come to our home after office hour this Friday evening. His body will stay at home overnight. He will be scheduled to have cremation at 8:00 a.m.. Saturday morning at Devoted Pets Cremation. His ashes will bring home the same day.
Perry's condition is getting gray. He is no longer able to mobilize his back legs since midnight last night. He started moaning terribly. He was like a paralyzed pooch helplessly trying to move his body to the restroom. Once he got into restroom, he was so weak that he couldn't stand still during bowel movement.
There is no quality of life and unethical to allow this precious little guy suffering because of his family naive and selfishness. It is a heartwrenching decision to relief his spirit out of his poor weak body this way.
Thanks for everyone support during this difficult time.
It means a lot to him and his family.
Warmest Regards.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter and Perry Condition Update

On behalf of Perry, Happy Easter to all of the kitties, puppies, and their families.
It is a blessing that our DEAREST LORD allows Perry to celebrate Easter with his family.
Perry's condition remains the same. Nothing change since the last post.
The above picture is one of the sweater that Perry's mother knitted for him ever since he lost all the weight. To keep his chest warm and control arthritis pain, his mommy knitted him 2 new sweaters. Perry loves to select pattern and yarns himself. Then, he patiently waiting for his mom finished knitting his sweaters.
Why select a pig as pattern? Perry has a lot of nick names. One of the nick name that he has is chubby piglet. The hand knitted sweaters are great for this unstable weather.
Once again, Perry and his family wish everyone have a HAPPY EASTER.
Kind Regards.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perry Last Stage Cancer Current Condition

This is an update of Perry last stage cancer battle condition. He requires attention, love, and especially care more than before. He is losing lots of weight since last post. He used to be 16lbs, and now is about 8lbs. He is getting harder to arouse after sleep, and completeky lose of appetite. He is extremely bony, like an anorexia pooch. The lose of appetite affects not only his weight, but his energy level also.

He has vitamin B12 SQ twice a week to boost up his overall health. He is taken liquid multi-vitamin (made by Pfizer) also. The prednisone has improved his arthritis condition and slightly increase the appetite. Without the prednisone, he completely refuses to eat at all.

He still loves going shopping. However, the trip needs to make it short so he can more rest to recoup his energy level.

The tumors getting larger and more tiny nodules can be felt when checking him. The tumor located on the left side of his neck seems like pressing his optic nerve. As a result, it affects his vision. Although he is still able to see, he relies on smell and sound more. Like when feeding him water, it takes a while for him to know the water is in front of him. Then, he needs a lot of break when drinking water.

The little guy still goes to restroom independently. In the past, the restroom light was turn off at night as he normally slept through the night. Now, it has to turn on as he may wake up in the middle of the night, and need to use the restroom. He has bowel movement once a week, but the stool is loose every time because he does not eat much daily.

The things that were ordered for the farewell day had arrived. So, when time comes, everything is ready. Everything is nicely made and suitable for the little boy that is so loving to his family.

Since he lost a lot of weight, his old clothes are no longer fitting him. He has new clothes to cover his chest, body, and bottom to keep him strong and well. His mommy knits him 2 more sweaters. As soon as the 2nd sweater is finished, it will be shared with everyone.

The little guy has very strong mind and alert. His positive attitude gives courage & strength to provide him the best quality of life.

Thank you for everyone email and support.
It means a lot when this heartbroken family feels so lonely and helpless in this dying journey.

Warm Regards