Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perry Last Stage Cancer Current Condition

This is an update of Perry last stage cancer battle condition. He requires attention, love, and especially care more than before. He is losing lots of weight since last post. He used to be 16lbs, and now is about 8lbs. He is getting harder to arouse after sleep, and completeky lose of appetite. He is extremely bony, like an anorexia pooch. The lose of appetite affects not only his weight, but his energy level also.

He has vitamin B12 SQ twice a week to boost up his overall health. He is taken liquid multi-vitamin (made by Pfizer) also. The prednisone has improved his arthritis condition and slightly increase the appetite. Without the prednisone, he completely refuses to eat at all.

He still loves going shopping. However, the trip needs to make it short so he can more rest to recoup his energy level.

The tumors getting larger and more tiny nodules can be felt when checking him. The tumor located on the left side of his neck seems like pressing his optic nerve. As a result, it affects his vision. Although he is still able to see, he relies on smell and sound more. Like when feeding him water, it takes a while for him to know the water is in front of him. Then, he needs a lot of break when drinking water.

The little guy still goes to restroom independently. In the past, the restroom light was turn off at night as he normally slept through the night. Now, it has to turn on as he may wake up in the middle of the night, and need to use the restroom. He has bowel movement once a week, but the stool is loose every time because he does not eat much daily.

The things that were ordered for the farewell day had arrived. So, when time comes, everything is ready. Everything is nicely made and suitable for the little boy that is so loving to his family.

Since he lost a lot of weight, his old clothes are no longer fitting him. He has new clothes to cover his chest, body, and bottom to keep him strong and well. His mommy knits him 2 more sweaters. As soon as the 2nd sweater is finished, it will be shared with everyone.

The little guy has very strong mind and alert. His positive attitude gives courage & strength to provide him the best quality of life.

Thank you for everyone email and support.
It means a lot when this heartbroken family feels so lonely and helpless in this dying journey.

Warm Regards

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