Sunday, February 17, 2008

Perry Casket, Urn, and Keepsake Jewelry are selected

Dear Dr. Barton, Dr. Willard, Dr. Young, colleagues, friends, & family,
It is extremely difficult to tell you folks of the arrangment. Therefore, the best way to pass on the message is by using Perry's Blog. The casket, urn, and keepsake jewelry already selected. The biodegradable casket was ordered yesterday. Therefore, when time comes, there is not needed to worry he is in a piece of crappy box. He deserves roomy and comfortably rest in peace.
I called Devoted Pets. The funeral home is willing to work with the request of private viewing cremation process. When time comes, this little boy's body arrives there early in the morning with us together. He will be the first one have it done, we can witness the process, and bring him home on the same day.
It is easier to take care of it now instead of later. Grief and sorrow make it so hard for broken heart oneself to prepare a good service that the little guy well deserves.
Thank you for all of your care and support during this difficult time.
Warm Regards.


Anne & Morgan said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please know many people and pupster are thinking of you. Perry will live on forever in your hearts!

Bless you,
Anne & Morgan

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