Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moody Weekend

I have been moody since Friday morning as I didn't get my way. See my face.

The best way to make parents give what you have asked for is by pulling your face. Everytime works like magic if you pull face on them. tee... hee....

You want a treat. Look at them with a sad watery eyes.
You want attention. Get a toy and drop in front of them.
You want love. Just sit right next to them. Normally, they will pay attention to you right away.
If family ignore you, jump on them and lick their face repeatedly. Now, you get all your love and attention.

Good Night. Woof.

1 comment:

Tzu Lovers said...

Hello Mr. Perry,

Did your weekend get any better after you pulled your faces? I feel so sorry that your family didn't give you enough attention. Hopefully, they learned the lesson and found time with you even in busy time.