Friday, October 19, 2007

The Stroller

Finally, I get a doggy stroller that is stylish and safe for pooches. My old stroller was designed for baby, not pooches. My family got the old stroller from Toy R Us when I was a puppy. Several years ago, doggy strollers were invented.

I had waited for almost 3 months and finally the stroller arrived. My buggy has 2 opening in the front and another 2 at the back for my privacy. If I wanted to hide myself licking paws and scratching ears, I can wait until my family covers them. Once it is covered, it given me the best opportunity to lick all four paws until soaking wet. The best thing is they cannot stop me. tee...hee...

Good Night. Woof... Woof...

1 comment:

Tzu Lovers said...

Dear Perry,

I am so happy that your family finally get you a doggie stroller. Baby stroller is not designed for dog, it is for babies.

Till next time... take care