Friday, October 5, 2007

My Fairy GodDaddy

This is Dr. Willard, aka: Fairy God Daddy. He is the one who has cured my battle of IBD. I had IBD for several years. My mom started doing patient calendar of my daily bowel movement for an extended period of time. After Dr. Young reviewed my BM calendar, he referred my case to a reputable GI specialist at Texas A & M College Station. That is how I met my life "ANGEL".
I enjoy the homemade diet (with treatment plan) designed by Professor Willard. He received four paws up on the design of my gourmet diet & tasty homemade treats. I used to be spoon fed since I was a puppy. After met my fairy God Daddy (when I was seven), I have started eating my delicious homemade meal on my own with motivation and enjoyment every day.
In my case, prescription & homemade plain diets were not able to stop the diarrhea that ran in cycles. The diarrhea might had looked under controlled. However, because of the patient calendar, the vet was able to notice there was a pattern and the treatment was not working. The bloody mucus diarrhea first started around every half year. Then it shorten to quarterly. Eventually, the pattern changed it again from 6 weeks to 4 weeks. Finally, the nightmare happened every single day. For those who are suffering IBD, I pray for you as we are in the same boat.
Next time... I will introduce you my oncologist and one of my favorite nurse, Dr. Barton & Diane.
Good Night. Woof...Woof...

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