Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebration of Perry's Life

Click to play MyPerry

It has been a month since Perry passed away. Look back, Perry brought our family happiness and constant laughter. Every living moment was wonderful and joyful. We grieved for 30 days, it is time to pay tribute to Perry's Life. Perry never endorsed sadness and sorrow; he gave us purpose of life. He taught us taking life easy, enjoyed what we have and always count our blessing. We were blessed of caring this little Shih Tzu for the past 14 years. There were so much Perry gave us that we want to share with everyone because his life was not always just "Cancer" or "Illness"; Perry was sweet, gentle, energetic, and playful. He is such a friendly pooch that even someone has dog phobia would like him instantly.

We made a scrapbook to celebrate Perry's life and hope you will enjoy it as much as his family.

Thanks for everyone support and care.

Perry's family.


Mike Willard said...

Perry was a pure pleasure to work with. I always enjoyed seeing him. I keep the pictures you gave me on my deak.

Goma said...

I Love this scrap book!!It really show how much fun he had in his life! he was so cute when he was small! I do hope that Perry is happy and well in heaven where he can run around and chase cats!